Working at home-Treasure Box


Through the development of Internet technology, more and more companies use Internet technology, Internet meeting, online interviews, online teaching, etc. to save travel expenses, reduce air pollution, and add all the current new corona viruses There is a strong human-to-human contagion. The government and enterprises have gradually promoted “working at home”. Now “working at home” is both a concept and some mature technologies that can be used.

At this special moment, the International Christian Chinese Business Association invited Grace Feng Chunmei, principal of Grace Computer & Internet Corp., to explain to you various network technology tools and implement effective “work at home”.

Time: Saturday: March 21, 2020
2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Live streaming using youtube: connect:

Open chat room , listeners have questions, you can ask in the chat room in the chat room, and the lecturer will answer.
Sponsor : International Christian Chinese Business Association

Lecturer: Feng Chunmei, President of Grace Computer & Internet Corp.
Co-Organized by the International Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
Co-Organized by the Houston Welfare

More information: Contact: Wanguo 832-648-8605