International Chinese Christian Business Association

1. Workplace prayer meeting
Once a week: worship and praise, share readings and their applications, share workplace classic testimonies.
Peaceful prayer and intercession, mainly Business and Christians, welcome Workplace admiration
and participation. Currently being launched in online in Zoom.

2. The application of Christian shopping mall
Conduct seminars and training on Christian faith application.

3. Business Matching Exchange Meeting:
Hold a business matching exchange meeting once a month.

4. Network connection:
   Work with and cooperate with teams and organizations with workplace ministry:

  1. Participate in the workplace ministry workshop organized by the certificate owner.
  2. Participate in the CMC conference, set up a booth, and participate in workshop sharing (December 26-30, 2018)
  3. Communicate with Christians in North America who are interested and burdened with workplace ministry.

5. Workplace ministry practice and communication

6. Chinese Christian ministry seminar
   Discuss workplace ministry practice and communication together, the exchange meeting will be held once a year

7. Mission: Short-term mission and the Belt and Road shopping mall ministry
   In 2019, short-term missions and road mall ministry intention trips are held.

Chinese Christian Workplace Ministry Center

Why establish a “Chinese Christian Workplace Ministry Center”?
Most people work in the workplace, and work takes up a major part of the day; we are not just Christians that worship on Sunday, but we must live the Christian life in the workplace. God gives people a mission to manage the world. Work can have a mission; Christians in the workplace face the challenges of belief and work every day. We need to recognize and practice the Christian work concept, apply the principles of the Bible, and do it right in the right way Things, honor God and benefit others at work. The workplace is a huge “grass field”, which affects life with life and effectively spreads the gospel to more people through various channels; workplace mission has begun to form a new way of mission workshop.

What is the “Chinese Christian Workplace Ministry Center”?
“Chinese Christian Workplace Ministries Center” (Centre) is a cross-church Chinese Christian group composed of volunteer Christians (called co-workers), currently mainly in Houston; in the future, it can be developed in major North American concentrated areas in North America. The church is a spiritual home. As the role of assistance and support, the “center” uses the church as a base to help the church establish and operate workplace ministry according to the needs and circumstances of each church. Watch building.

What is the “Chinese Christian Workplace Ministry Center” currently doing?
1. Faith and work equipment classes and fellowships:
“Faith and Work” Equipment Class: Currently held in Fort Bend Chinese Church, once a week, three times a month, and three classes a year. Use Teacher Kong Yi’s “First and Only”, “Win to Turn”, and DVD to share discussions with each other.

“Faith and Work” Fellowship: Currently carried out in the Church of the Living God, once a month, using Teacher Kong’s “First and Only”, “Win in Reversal”, DVD; the speaker’s own experience.

“Workplace Fellowship”: Currently in HCC: The lecturer’s own experience and supporting materials; some of them use Teacher Kong’s “First and Only” and “Win in Twisting Force”, and more consider attracting career admirers. Once a month, in 2019, plan twice a month.

“Co-worker training”: Teacher Kong Yi did co-worker training for the “center”.

2. “Crossroad Guide” recruitment network
This website is hosted and operated by the Chinese Christian Workplace Ministries Center, the Fort Bend Chinese Church and other churches in Houston, and Grace Computer & Internet Corp., as a bridge for recruiting companies and finding workers. The service targets of its introduction work include Asian Christian groups and other groups. We sincerely hope that all companies will use this website to publish recruitment information so that people in need can get help.

Board of Directors
Weiwei Yan – Chairperson of the Board of Directors (713) 859-6808
Charles Yuan – President (281) 961-2621
Jun Yun – 2nd Vice President of the Executive Committee (832) 978-4468
Aaron Fu – Executive Director of Marketplace Ministry Center (832) 228-2678
Frank Chen – Member of the Consulting Council (832) 213-8328
Youfeng Li – Financial Consultant    
Charles Yuan    

Advisory Board
Ms. Grace Feng (Houston, Texas)
Mr. Peter Liu (Houston, Texas)
Mr. David Liu (Houston, Texas)
Rev. Brian Lam, D. Min (Houston, Texas)
Mr. Roger Kung (Austin, Texas)
Rev. Yee Hwa Soon, D. Min (Seattle, Washington)
Elder George Chu, M.S. EMBA (San Diego, California)
Mr. Kung-Li Deng, Ph. D (Princeton, New Jersey)
Prof. Ernest Liang, Ph. D (Houston, Texas)
Elder Howard Fong, Ph. D (Houston, Texas)
Mr. Daniel Wong, Ph. D (Houston, Texas)
Mr. Jeff Shi, Ph. D. (Houston, Texas)
Ms. Elaine Kung (Dallas, Texas)

Consulting Council:
Mr. Frank Chen, Mr. Heping Chen, Mr. George Wu

Executive Committee:
President: Mr. Charles Yuan (281) 961-2621
1st Vice President: Ms. Julia Qin (Executive Director) (832) 696-9509
2nd Vice President: Mr. Jun Yun (832) 978-4468
Treasurer: Mr. Frank Chen (832) 213-8328
Marketplace Ministry Center: Mr. Aaron Fu (Executive Director) (832) 228-2678
Business Ministry Center: Ms. Julia Qin (Executive Director) (832) 696-9509
Spiritual Resources Director: Mr. Jun Yun (Director) (832) 978-4468
Administration Division: Mr. Frank Chen (832) 213-8328